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Published: 10th June 2010
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Are you interested in watching Satellite TV for the PC without the big ugly dish on top of your house? It's definitely possible and feasible, but you have to look around and do a little research so that you can watch Satellite TV on your PC/Laptop.

First of all, you have several options with the dish and several options without the Dish - it is up to you to find the best suitable option needed. If you are living in a place that does not support or allow Satellite TV, it's okay! You can still get it, there are several things that you're going to have to do though.

You are trying to get Satellite tv without the Dish, so ordering services such as Dish Network and Direct TV that require the installation of a dish are out of question. You need a simple solution that can offer you tons of programming resources without installing a dish or charging you're an arm and leg.

You can always use a PCTV card which will allow you to watch your current television on your PC with a simple installation of a PC card. You'll have the ability to watch HD and SD television on your computer - but that might not be the complete options as you will already need to order Satellite television services.

You can also try the creative path, and attempt to find a friend that has Satellite TV and use their computer and a sling box to get it to your house. This may or may not be legal depending on your residence, and it can be quite frustrating as well - so you may be better off looking for better solutions.

Satellite TV for PC
A great options may be Satellite TV for PC as any computer can run it as long as they are Pentium III or greater, Windows '95 or greater and have the ability to play "YouTube videos" - Satellite TV for PC is a program that will force you to stream live broadcasts the same way you play videos - expect videos are pre set - this is LIVE TELEVISION.

You will have the ability to watch thousands of channels simply by downloading a little software with a complete money back guarantee. There are no monthly fees, no messy installation and you will have instant access to premium television broadcasting at the tip of your finger tips.

This is the best way to get the Satellite TV for PC without the Dish. Especially if you are itching to get this technology immediately!

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