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Published: 21st June 2010
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Do you looking for ways to watch live satellite feed on your PC or laptop? Traditionally, people make use of hardware known as PCTV cards. However, there is a revolutionary alternative to that now. It comes in the form of software that enables PC or laptops to stream live satellite feed with the use of broadband network.

Why use software instead of PCTV cards? Well, one very obvious reason is that it will eliminate the need to open the computer and install the card inside. Although PCTV cards do come in the form of external USB device, you still have a hardware sitting on your desk. Also these cards will easily set you back by more than $50, not taking into consideration the time and effort in setting them up. The exciting thing about using this software is that since it is making use of the internet as the medium for live video feeds, a WIFI connection will work just fine with the software. What this means is that you can be sitting in a cafe watching live football or your favorite serials. You can get live satellite feed anywhere.

The software basically connects to the service provider and stream live satellite feed right to your desktop or laptop. This is not the typical episode downloads that you see online but the feeds are live. A good software like that will offer thousands of live channels in different languages for you to choose from. The best thing I like about this software is that you do not have to pay any monthly subscription to use it. Once the software is purchased, it entitles the user to live satellite feed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as you like, free of charge, anywhere in the world.

Here are the summary of things to note before you buy satellite tv software:

1. It should come with a one-time fee. You only pay for the software and that's it.

2. A good software will offer more than 3000 channels worldwide for your viewing pleasure.

3. It should not cost more than $50.

4. Make sure that it supports your desktop or laptop's operation system (Windows XP, Vista, Mac, etc)

5. Read review about the software to have a better idea of what you are getting.

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