How to Build a Solar Heater - Make Homemade DIY Solar Heaters

Published: 16th October 2009
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Solar heating systems are quickly invading the market. People continuously appreciate the benefits of having solar powered heaters: from hot water heaters, pool heaters, and air heaters. Moreover, a lot of people have taken to explore the ways of learning how to build a solar heater. Their familiarity with how solar panels work have given them impetus to take a stab at crafting a solar powered heater that will serve their purposes.

Solar heating systems thrive on the concept of trapping light energy from the sun inside solar cells where silicon semiconductors transmit the said energy and convert it into electricity, or whatever form of energy necessary to generate water or air heating. Hot water, pool, and air heating systems all require solar panels. These panels, when done by yourself right at the comforts of your own home, vary according to the purpose you have. Hot water heating systems can make use of aluminum awning-type glass window panels to serve as a solar panel that will absorb the light energy it needs to heat water. For pool heating systems, reflectors are needed to absorb the light. Pool water runs on the tubes which are placed on top of reflectors. The water is heated, circulated, and pumped back to the pool. Another important detail of how to build a solar heater is the concept of cost-efficiency.

You are basically trying to create your own solar heater to save money. For instance, when making a solar air heater, you can make use of cheap materials. You can have scrap plywood to serve as your box for holding used aluminum cans that become passageways for the much-coveted hot air. Over all, people have grown attracted to these do-it-yourself projects because materials may be abundant and easily found. Installation and assembly does not take very long, and even when it does, the period within which these solar heaters are made does not really matter any more. People make family or group projects out of these endeavors, and the resulting product is always a labor of love - as is the case in any do-it-yourself undertaking.

To learn how to build a solar heater, you must first be familiar with how solar panels and solar cells work. Once you are aware of the concept that lies in solar powered appliances, it will be easier for you to choose the materials which you will deem to be appropriate for your respective solar heaters. The makeshift solar panels can vary from one project to another and from one person to another, but that does not mean that one man's success is going to be another man's failure. A lot of people have developed various distinctive ways of building solar heaters, and although their materials and methods are different, their results are the same: a successful and fully-functional solar heater.

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